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Evan's 101 Questions for Han Geng - a must read!

Han Geng answered one of those 101 Q&A not-so-mini interviews that covers a whole bunch of different topic. Some of them are very random but in general it's a very informative interview and he's just so special. :') Definitely a must read!


1. How do you like people to address you? Han Geng.

2. What is the thing you want to do the most now? To do well for the concert on the 17th and 18th.

3. What are your troubles nowadays? There is too little time but there are so many things that I want to do.

4. How do you look like when you are disappointed? Nothing, my mentality is always very peaceful and stable. Those who knew my background would understand that I have nothing to loss.

5. When are you the most happy? When my works were released.

6. Who is the first person who comes into your mind when you are unhappy? When I am unhappy, I would just go home alone.

7. When was the last time you cried? Because of my fans, when I attended an event, I was on hiatus for so long but they arrived at the venue once they heard of it and were holding on to big signs, I felt touched and tears were dancing around in my eyes.

8. Not to mentioning any restrictions, what do you want to do the most now? To hold the world’s biggest and best concert.

9. What is worrying you the most nowadays? I did think about the problem regarding my popularity but I am never worried about it.

10. What are the things that you cannot tolerate at all? I can accept anything that happens to myself.

11. Have you ever regretted your decisions? Not really. My dad told me before, no matter what kind of decisions you make, it doesn't matter if the result is good or bad, you have to be courageous and face it.

12. What's your religion? My mom is a Buddhist, I occasionally look at the Buddhist texts, but I'm not very dedicated.

13. What do you think is your most attractive quality? Simple, people feel close to me.

14. What's the one thing you're most proud of? I no longer need my parents to worry for me.

15. What does being 30 years old mean to you? To be closer to the real me, to live better than I do now.

16. What can you not live without? Phone, computer.

17. Up to now, what was your hardest challenge? How to become the person I want to become in my heart.

18.What is the craziest thing you have ever done? One time, there was a huge rainfall, and all of a sudden I wanted to feel the rain pouring on me. So I just saw everyone else running furiously, and me, walking down the street without an umbrella.

19. What are you most obsessed with? Nothing, a person or thing, it doesn't matter. Usually, when I reach a certain extent, I'll just give up. I won't have a hard time with it and then give up.

20. Who's the person that influenced you the most? The dance teacher that first taught me, from Mudanjiang, even if I said it you wouldn't know who it is.

21.What's the most awkward thing you've done? When I was walking and talking with my friend, all of a sudden I hit the telephone pole. From head to toe, the was a black mark in the middle of my body.

Out of all the people currently in the world, who do you admire the most? Grandpa and Grandma, they always have a strong optimistic attitude to everything in life, regardless of if it’s good or bad.

If tomorrow was the end of the world, what would you do? What can I still do, I can’t escape anyway.

Have you thought about suicide before? I never have, I think that everything can be passed.

25. If you had a choice, what way do you wish to die in? Taking sleeping pills, I don’t want my death to be very difficult.

If you were given one chance, would you choose to come back to life after you died? There’s a possibility.

27. Who do you think you were in a previous life? A monk, I think in a previous life I fasted and practiced Buddhism, accumulating a lot of virtues, so that I am fortunate in this life.

28. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but never did, and will you try it in the future? Of course. Because my dad and grandpa are both soldiers, every time I see the feelings between comrades-in-arms, I’m always especially envious.

29. Up until today, what is the thing you regret the most? Not having grandpa and grandma settle peacefully, letting them have an even better life.

What are you most afraid of? I’m not afraid of death, I’m not afraid of being sick, I’m not afraid of growing old, the only thing I’m a little concerned about, is leaving [leaving people, places, etc].

31. What was the most serious injury you’ve ever suffered? A lot. Inflammation of my knee, every month or half-a-month I got 8 shots to seal it, the needle gets stuck down inside the split in the bone and moved around without stopping, it hurt so bad it was like I was almost dying. My arm was also fractured before, I didn’t even know, after we went to see the doctor, we found out it had already grown back. There was also a time when I was doing a flip, and I hurt my tailbone, even now I can’t sit down for too long.

32. What time do you think you began to become an adult? The year after I graduated, I was 18 years old, I could start taking care of myself.

In your opinion, what is something a man must remember in his heart? His responsibilities.

34. If you could become another person, who would you become? Become my dad!?

What do you appreciate the most from your father? Calmness.

36. What do you appreciate the most from your mother? Strength.

What quality in a girl do you appreciate the most? Simplicity.

38. Please give three suggestions for girls. Don’t be too rash, don’t be too eager to play, be more understanding.

39. If there was someone who told you they’ve already secretly been in love with you for 10 years exactly but they were too afraid to let you know, what would your first reaction be? It must be a joke. But this really did happen in my life before. When I was studying, my first reaction was that it was a joke, because even though there would occasionally be suspicions, I considered it as something my friends came up with.

Right now, who are the people you miss? My grandparents.

How many people do you like? If we’re referring to emotions [love], one.

42. How do you confirm the feelings of the person you like? It's just if the feelings are there.

43. What part of a girl would you notice more? Her legs.

44. Who would you pick to love and to love you? And for what reason? The one I love, actually I’m a little single-minded.

45. What would you say to confess love in one sentence? My mouth is particularly stupid, I’m the worst with sweet talk, I guess I would use movements to confess.

46. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done? One time at a performance, in the winter it was especially cold, I just typed into the computer “It’s really cold, hurry and go home” onto the animated sign, and then put it outside the car window, having the fans who were waiting for a long time hurry and go home. (Han Geng’s answer to the question was “I’m extremely unromantic”, but he thought of this answer after his manager reminded him.)

If you were 30 years old and you still hadn’t found someone that you truly loved each other, would you just go find any random person at all to marry? I wouldn’t, if there’s someone I will, if there isn’t someone I won’t, I wouldn’t like to be in a uncertain relationship on my feelings.

48. What age do you plan to marry? Around 33 years old, I guess.

49. How many kids do you want? Two, it’d be best if it could be one boy and one girl, I am an ethnic minority after all. (happy) **
**Han Geng is a Nanai and China’s one-child policy doesn’t apply to ethnic minorities

Where do you think the best place to make love is? Aside from home, where else could it be?

How do you feel about this subject? To be honest, I don’t like to exaggerate this subject, just normally is good.

What’s the most important requirement when choosing your friends? Honestly tell me my faults, it doesn’t matter if it will hurt me.

How do you define the term “brother”? A person who wouldn’t just “stab you in two ribs” without asking your reasons, but if you have an excuse it must be because you’re having difficulties, to become real “brothers” must pass through “baptism” of time.

If you had to pick, who would you want to be in rumors with? Xiao Meng, please note that he's my assistant (laughs)!

If director Ang Lee made a sequel to Brokeback Mountain and wanted to invite you, would you go act in it? For acting, why would I pass up a great work, just like Hu Jun (a Chinese actor).

What do you think the thing that is most improbable with you is? Liking a guy.

What’s the thing someone else has done that has touched you the most? Everything the fans do, the people who like me seem pretty young, but they always get together and do things to help other people, it’s very touching for me.

Who are the people you treasure the most? Of course it’s my parents.

59. What’s your attitude towards people who’ve hurt you? Just laugh it off.

60. What part of you do you hate? My personality is kind of loud, a lot of times I don't think of problems in a full view, I might end up hurting others' feelings.

What aspect in another person do you hate the most? Lying to people, not being honest, undependable.

Kitchen, bed, sofa, bathroom, which of these places do you spend the most time in? Sofa and bed.

What color is your room? Beige.

What time do you usually go to bed? 12:00, 1:00 more or less

65. What do you do before you sleep? Drink water, watch TV, mostly it’s all on schedule, I can’t sleep unless the TV is on.

66. What kind of a position do you like to sleep in? Sleeping on my side while hugging my pillow.

67. What do you most often dream of? Airplane crashes, especially when I’m sleeping on the plane.

When was the last time you got scared awake? When I was in Korea, with another band member, he was playing video games, I was asleep. When I was half-asleep-half-awake, I suddenly saw someone coming in, so I asked how come he just comes into someone else’s dorm as he pleases, in a moment he threw himself onto me, so I got scared awake, and realized there was actually nobody there.

69. Where do you wash first when you’re taking a bath? My head.

70. Usually, how long are your baths? Around ten minutes.

What are your weird habits? I never wear clothes that are overly flashy.

72. Do you think that one’s figure or profile appearance is more important? Figure.

73. What’s something you’ve recently wanted to change about yourself? My figure, I want to be a little stronger.

74. Have you gotten plastic surgery before before? You feel for yourself.

75. What do you think the sexiest part of yourself is? My legs are long and my ass sticks out (laughing).

76. Are you more afraid of being bald or having a beer belly? Beer belly.

What’s the longest time you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror?  One of my friends says he sees himself in the mirror and kneels before himself, because he’s too handsome, do you think I should do this too? Haha, I’m joking, aside from work, I don’t usually look in the mirror.

78. If one day you suddenly got stranded on a deserted island , and you could only bring one thing, what would you bring? Fire.

79. What movie did you last see, and who did you see it with? “Zhu Shen Zhi Zhan”(Clash of the Titans), with “brothers”.

When you were a student did you ever ditch class? Where did you usually go? I did, I went back to my dorm to sleep.

What was the most serious thing you got into a fight over? When I was studying, someone was bullying a girl from our class, so I stood up to “risk my life” with those people, I was really little at that time, so I didn’t know how hard I was hitting, I almost got expelled. Right now I definitely will never fight again, if something happens we’ll talk.

Who’s your favorite cartoon character? Gaara from Naruto

83. What do you do the most when you’re bored? Play video games.

84. What games have you played recently? Final Fantasy

85. What city do you want to live in the most? Beijing

If you could choose one place to go on vacation, where do you want to go? Italy, walk around the whole place.

What is the place you miss the most? Minzu University

88. What is your favorite saying? I can’t think of one.

What’s something shameless that you still do? Too many things, such as when people say things, I purposely pretend I can’t hear them.

90. What do you usually have in your pocket? Cell phone, wallet.

91. Lately, what’s your favorite thing to eat? Steamed buns.

92. What flavor do you like? Sour and spicy.

Was there ever a time when you were especially embarrassingly drunk? Nope, so far, I’ve never been drunk before.

What’s your favorite book? “Wu Zhe”(“Dancer”)

95. What’s your favorite scent? The scent of lilies.

96. Have you lied before? Of course, I’m not a shen xian.**
**Literally it’s a fairy or an elf or something, a very innocent and delicate being.

What was the first time you experienced a “hair-rasing” event? It hasn’t happened to me before.

98. Do you go on the internet and look at news about yourself? Right, I only look at news about myself. (laughs)

99. What kind of beauty ways do you think is suited for men? Tanned beauty.

100. What do you want to say to yourself the most? You can do it.

101. Please tell us a joke. “Baidu it”, that’s not right, your shoe looks like two jiu cai boxes.**
**The slogan for the search engine of Baidu is “Baidu it, and you’ll know”. And jiu cai is a vegetable but I’m not sure if there’s an English word for it ):

Translators: hsupergirl (questions 22-101), geeitseunmi (questions 11-22, 42, 60, and 99), and huiwensg (questions 1-10) @ GENG-BAO.net/geng_bao
Source: Baidu
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