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More information about his album, Jackie Chan message, communication with SJ members, and more!

Han Geng leaves Super Junior to be a soloist; will be Show’s junior in ‘Golden Typhoon’.


Han Geng is determined to leave Super Junior to be a soloist, first solo album to be released next month, will officially becomes Show Luo’s junior in ‘Golden Typhoon’.

Han Geng of Korean boyband, Super Junior, since the proposal of contract termination, there is no exact conclusion and no one is backing off. According to some information, if Han Geng wants to leave SM Company, he may need to pay 20billion Korean Won as ‘redemption fees’.

But, Han Geng who is in China now, he is not letting the lawsuit affect his job and already have plans for his solo work. His first solo album, 'Geng Xin' will be released Asia wide on the 27th July, its name representing a whole brand new start in this industry.

20million NTD (About 1million SGD) was pumped into producing his new album. Songs were recorded in Taiwan, China and America and shooting of MV in New Zealand. As for Taiwan, his album would be released by ‘Golden Typhoon’, and Han Geng is officially Show Luo’s junior in the company. The two of them became good friends when they are doing a commercial for Pepsi together. Show Luo not only welcome him but also revealed that the two of them always talked about ‘R-rated Korean’.

Held press conference at the Great Wall of China, announced about his solo concert

Han Geng was once chosen to be the ambassador for protecting the Great Wall of China. He held his press conference at the Great Wall of China yesterday. 5000 balloons printed with ‘Geng’ were released into the air over there. He also announced that he will hold two solo concerts in Beijing on the 17th and 18th of July. He most probably would be in Taiwan to meet his fans in August.

Han Geng who seems to gain weight, was smiling throughout the conference and expressed that he is very happy at the moment. He also stated that being a soloist is to be more loyal to his heart. He also revealed that he is learning under Michael Jackson’s choreographer, becoming Michael Jackson’s junior.

As for the concert, Han Geng is really excited. He expressed that this is his first time holding a concert as a soloist so it means a lot to him. He uses his concert to promote his album, other than singing his songs; he would also be exposing the songs in his new album as well. As for his concert’s guests, he is not willing to say anything.

Maintained a good relationship with members of Super Junior

Regarding the news of compensation, Han Geng expressed that he’s pretty confident that ‘he doesn’t need to pay’. He said that he is not under any company now and once again, he expressed his gratitude towards SM Company. He also said he sued the company is because of certain conflicts during work and dignity problems.

He also said that he is in good contact with the rest of the members of Super Junior, also revealed that the members are happy for his solo concert and gave him their blessings. He hoped that by then, Super Junior would come and watch his solo concert.

Note: his album will be released in Taiwan by the same record company as Show's; however, he isn't signing a contract with them or anything like that, for he isn't legally allowed to. It's sorta like how Super Junior-M's albums were released by Avex in Taiwan yet they don't have a contract with them but with SM. Just making sure to avoid any confusion.


Extremely long VCR of blessings from friends; Jackie Chan looking forward to collaboration

Han Geng is the first ever to use concert as a promotional method for his album. He expressed that he hope to return to the stage as a brand new Han Geng. Starting over all again, setting off from his heart, using the most sincere and direct way to face his fans.

Many friends in the industry sent videos to give their blessings, Kevin Tsai, Stanley Tong, Joey Yung, Show Luo, Blackie Chan, Fan Wei Qi, Meng Ting Wei, Li Yong, Li Jing, Dai Jun, Huang Yi, An You Qi, Yu Quan, Xiao Ke, Yuan Wei Ren, Gao Xiao Song, Guo De Gang, He Jiong, Xie Na, Li Wei Jia, Du Hai Tao, Wu Xing, Xie Nan, Xian Jie from a production team, Zhao Si, Liu Liu and so on. Everyone expressed that: I hope that Han Geng’s first solo concert will be successful and his first solo album to have good sales. Those blessings made Han Geng really touched.

The special one is the support from Jackie Chan: The Han Geng I know is a very hardworking and simple person. I hope that he will keep up with his hard work and will be looking forward to chances of a future collaboration.

After being the ambassador of protecting the Great Wall of China; now, he is also volunteer ambassador for the World Expo.

Not long ago, because of Han Geng’s patriotic heart and a healthy image, the government chose him to do a voice recording for the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is a representation of the Chinese race and it is also a miracle of the world. Choosing the Great Wall of China to be the location of the press conference, it must be Han Geng’s affinity with this place. At the press conference, Han Geng accepted the ‘baton’ of protecting the Great Wall of China from an old ambassador. Han Geng expressed that he would learn from them and gives his best in protecting the Great Wall of China.

Han Geng is not only an ambassador for the Great Wall of China; he is also a volunteer ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo. Being an image volunteer ambassador, he has always been giving his aid behind the scenes. Han Geng is also the promotional ambassador of China’s elements event and is honoured to be the first artiste for that event.

Famous lyrics writer, Wang Ping Jiu represented the volunteers group and gave Han Geng, the title of ‘Shanghai World Expo Promotional volunteer ambassador’, giving Han Geng lots of encouragements and confidence.

Concert and album have the same name 'Geng Xin'; the present of a luxurious production team

Concert and album having the same name, other than meaning, a brand new start, it also mean that all the songs and details of the album came from Han Geng’s heart because most of it were his ideas. Every song and every story, expressed Han Geng’s attitude, point of view and the hard work he gave in.

His first solo album is attracting a lot of attention from everyone, Han Geng got a good production team to help him with the album. The dances were also choreographed by Michael Jackson’s choreographer. The dancers in his MV are also Michael Jackson’s original team of dancers. Han Geng is the second artiste whom the dancers and choreographer worked with.

Han Geng also worked with many famous music producers: Yuan Wei Ren and Fang Wen Shan worked together for to produce a song. Taiwan’s master of dance themed songs, Ah Di Ah personally made a song suitable for dancing. And also, there are Cao Xuan Bin and Zheng Nan to produce ballads. This album consists of different genres like dance theme, R&B, jazz, and folk songs. MV was also made in America, New Zealand, and Korea. Han Geng joked that there is lots of possibility so you would only know when you are listening to the songs.

Credit: XinMSN & Baidu News
Translation: huiwensg @ geng_bao
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