August 27th, 2010

Beijing Youth Weekly Magazine Exclusive Interview with Han Geng’s Team


“What if I also commit suicide like the other Korean artists?”

Looking weak and thin, needs to be protected

“What if I also commit suicide like the other Korean artists?” Until now, Sun Le, Han Geng’s manager could still remember how shocked he was when Han Geng said that to him. “I have known Han Geng for 16 years now. He is a quiet, reserved person who doesn’t express and doesn’t know how to express himself. But he was never a pessimist. As a friend, I was in great shock, and then felt heartache after hearing that from him.”

In my mind, Han Geng is still the same little boy standing by the stairways watching us play. “Looking weak and thin, needs to be protected.”

In 1996, the 16-year-old Sun Le met the 12-year-old newcomer Han Geng in the residence hall at the dancing school. “We were hanging out in the stairways and saw this little boy standing alone watching us play. I thought he was good looking with radiant eyes, slim, like a little boy who needed to be protected.” Sun Le went up to say hi to the little boy and they became friends. This little boy is Han Geng.

Han Geng is quiet among all the boys. Because he was slim, they all treated him like their little brother. At school, he was known to be very diligent. He was either in the practice room or residence hall every day. He liked playing video games the most.

Han Geng hardly talked about his family. They started to become close friends until the day Sun Le asked him to go to an amusement park. While having fun, Han Geng told Sun Le that he did not coming from a wealthy family. He was under a lot of stress. It was the first time Sun Le realized that this little boy, although looking weak, is strong and determined. From that moment on, they formed a close friendship.

Even in those fours years while Han Geng went to Korea to be a trainee and debuted as a Super Junior member, they remained in close contact with each others. “In order to save long distance costs, we basically talked on the phone once a month until Han Geng came to China for promotion as the leader of SJ-M. During that period, Han Geng only delivered good news, but not bad news to his family. Not until he talked to us would he whine for a bit saying he was in great stress. Other than saying a few good words to encourage him, we couldn’t help much.”

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