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110315 Baidu Hangeng Bar's Hebei Charity Work. "Together with Hangeng" Options

 There's one more special person we have to thank for this event --- Han Geng
Yes, thanks to Hangeng, Thank him for taking this day out of his busy schedule
Together with the kids, with gengfan, we spent an unforgettable day doing charity.
Han Geng said he's always wanted to do charity with Gengfans, but his work has always been too busy.
There's no way he could be with everyone. Everytime he sees our charity events, he'd be really touched
He's always wanted to pick a day to be with everyone, to actually have personal experience.

This time he saw the pinned topic in GengBaidu Bar talking about this event, he saw the conditions at the middle school
So he asked his staff to contact Gengbar to find out the time, date, and location.
Hangeng had to dub the night before, and the distance between Beijing and Hebei isn't considered close.
But with a heart that wants to do charity with Gengfans, a heart wanting to do some hands-on
He overcame all obstacles, Hangeng cleared the morning and afternoon of the 13th for this charity.event.
Beforehand, he reminded us a million of times to not reveal that he's going
He just wants to do something by himself.
Not as an idol, but as an ordinary person, a volunteer that's just like everyone else.
So we didn't tell anyone, not even the gengfans that were going to the event, nor the school.

March 13th, Han Geng brought new desks, fresh fruit, delicious food, in his car to a school in the mountains of ZhangHuan.
Without the shining outfits he wears on stage, he appeared dressed like a kid next door.
In this disclosed mountain, he's no longer an idol, no longer a celebrity.
And Gengfans are no longers fans, no longer in fandoms.
We're all volunteers as one of the few people in this Gengfan Charity Event.
We set up the table together, we passed out the gifts of love to the kids together
He (Hangeng) even personally handed the prepared books and utensils to each of the teachers in charge
Personally installed all the Hebei Maps, and World Maps we prepared for each classroom.
Pledging together "On the road of Charity, there's you, there's us"

Looking at the innocent glazes in the kids' eyes
Looking at the content looks on the kids' faces as they eat
Looking at the laughter on the kids' face as they play
All the fatigue from the travel here have seemed to disappear.
After taking a group picture with the kids, Hangeng drove to an even worse area's school.
The 14 kids that study there, only have 3 acres of land, each family.
Even if they work hard for a whole year, when it's time to harvest, the wild pigs run it over, then everything will be damaged.
In a year, they'll probably eat half a year of Corn Flour.
Han geng delivered Rice, Flour, and Oil to these 14 kids' families.
Before Han geng left, he reminded us again and again to come back and visit these kids!
Because he still had to dub at night, the charity time Hangeng and Gengfan spent together were only a few hours.
But that phrase, On the road of charity, there's you, there's us
Was finally achieved on this day.
Even though the time was short, but it was unforgettable.
We know, your work is very busy, but you still took the time to come visit these kids in the mountains.
Maybe in the future you'll be even more busy with work,
But Hangeng, don't worry, your "Charity Heart", we'll finish it for you like we're your shadows.
We hope to gather all the Gengfans' strength, to accomplish all the future charity events even better.
On the road to charity, We'll go together! Fighting together!!!

Source: Hangeng Baidu Bar
Translated by: geeitseunmi @geng_bao 
Tags: news: fan account

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